Tim MillawayMy name is Tim Millaway,  designer, brand developer and creative leader specializing in all areas of the web and motion graphics. I have over 5 years of web design experience with high proficiency in front-end web development (HTML/CSS), wordpress, brand development, internet marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, photography, and traditional print design among other things.

I have a huge passion for helping people succeed. I believe listening to my clients needs, I can help them reach their goals.

Areas of Expertise

Design: Web Design ♦ Motion Graphics ♦ Producing Video ♦ Graphic Design ♦ Social Media


After Effects ♦ Photoshop ♦ Illustrator ♦ Dreamweaver ♦ WordPress ♦ Indesign ♦ PremierPro ♦ Flash ♦ CSS ♦ HTML

Business: Customer Service ♦ Marketing ♦ Cash Management ♦ Financial Analyst
Excel ♦ Word ♦ Powerpoint

Education and Certifications

St. Joseph’s University – BS Finance

Camden County College – Associates Video Graphics ♦ Certification Graphic Design

How I got here – a brief history

TimPictureGymMy mother’s first thought after I was thrust into this world on a sunny Sunday Morning in early spring was that this boy would someday become a Catholic Priest. As the years passed it became clear to me and my mother that a lifetime commitment to poverty and celibacy were not in the cards.

Soon after obtaining a BS in Finance at St. Joseph’s University I landed my first job at a bank where I quickly learned to analyze commercial real estate accounts.

Meanwhile in my spare time I set out to become a ROCK STAR as a saxophonist in a band called”

The Inmates
The Inmates

The Inmates”. Unfortunately the entertainment world wasn’t ready for a “rock-a-billy” band during the age of grunge. Keeping my creative spirit alive,I entered the world of  live arts and acted in several plays at the Ritz Theater and a musical at the Burlington County Footlighter.

I turned over my real estate accounts over for a short-lived career in the hotel business and then it was on to the water utility business. At the American Water Company, I learned how to manage the accounting for a half-dozen or so water companies throughout the US. Later on within the company I became a senior cash analyst where I analyzed cash receipts for ACH and wire payments.

In the meantime, I discovered a bootleg version of Photoshop. I knew this program was created for more than cutting your friends out and pasting them into embarrassing situations. I enrolled in my local community college and engrossed myself into learning design, motion graphics and the web. My first video animation was accepted at the West Chester Film Festival. The animation was inspired by an original song from “The Inmates”. Soon I found myself involved in the 48 Hour Film Project in Philadelphia were I formed a fantastic crew and put together two more short films; The First Date and Finishing Touches.

The business world crashed in 2008 and I became a statistic in the job market. Ambitious to start a new career, I obtained an animation internship at WHYY.  Working to create animators for the Delaware News Magazine show First was a dream come true. I also enjoyed working with the Money Matters TV doing everything from working the video switcher to graphic design to web design and development.

Seeing a need for web design I dove into the world of web design. Back with 15+ years of business skills and newly trained eye for design and video,  I designed and redesigned sites for  Take Back the Night, Under Construction, The Healthy You and Bringing Saxy Back to name a few.

I completed my graphic design degree at Camden County College in 2011 and enrolled at Rutgers University to complete a BA Fine Arts. I look forward to always improving my skills and keeping up on the lasted developments.