Creating Money Matters the Podcast

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podcastingPodcasting has been breaking huge ground ever since the introduction of iTunes. Now that more and more people are accessing their media from their mobile phones, the podcasting audience has been growing in leaps and bounds. Although most podcast may not get the attention of millions of viewers (although some do), most shows reach a niche audience that can enable business to get a personal and effective message to their niche market.

Rich Whitfield has been running a TV program called Money Matters TV  for nearly 14 years reaching almost a half million homes over the Northeast area. When Rich Whitfield approached me about losing a large portion of his audience do to a loss of Comcast licensing agreements, I suggested we turn the program into an audio podcast. He agreed and within week we had him on the RSS air! Currently the show is available on iTunes and Sticher radio and soon to be on Blackberry and Zune.

The process evolved several steps and there are many ways to do it. I got much of my assistance from Pat Flynn’s How to start a podcast:

It helps to know how to set up a WordPress site. Using a free plugin called BluBerry helped streamline the process once set up. The cost to run a podcast can costs nothing but minimally the cost of hosting your website and media hosting should be about $160 a year not including production cost.

You probably won’t get rich with your podcast but it is a great way to reach your audience. There are indirect ways to make money through affiliate links, products, and sponsorship. Want is most important to a successful podcast is producing good content. Make it worth the listeners time and they will listen and perhaps later buy from your affiliate links.

I am looking forward to see the results of the Money Matter Podcast. Please subscribe to the podcast and to my blog and I’ll be sure to give an update in the near future.

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