On the set of “Hell of a View” Movie

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Rama-Restaurant-1024x654-1I recently had the awesome experience of working on the set of Hell of a View, a movie by new comer director Ben Hickernell on Nov 4th & 7th, 2013. I was hired as an extra for the movie and it was my first experience working as an extra. It was an excellent experience. Although when I shared my experience with other people they didn’t seem as impressed as I. That is why I decided to post about it on my blog. For me it was the experience of a lifetime to work along and watch serious actors such as Tim Daly (Wings), Hunter Parrish (Weeds) and Ashley Hinshaw (LOL). I know these aren’t the biggest stars in the industry but they are bigger than life for me.

Hunter Perrish
Hunter Parrish

The first day of shooting was in Ventnor, NJ at make believe restaurant. I got the full experience of going through hair and make-up. It made me feel like a big star! We did 3 different scenes. One outside the restaurant being part of a line to get in and 2 other scenes inside the restaurant. Most of the time was spent waiting and chatting with the other extras and some crew members. I meet some really cool people. I met the owner of the building that the shot was in who was also an extra in the movie. As well as some of her family, these guys really made the day fun! The restaurant scene is where I got some real camera time! My character had some blocking moves and interacted with Tim Daly and Victor Slezak.

These guys were fun to watch. We did the scene many times with many angles late into the night and it never got old for me or anybody else on the set.

Party Scene with Eileen

The next day was shot at a beautiful beach front house in Long Branch, NJ. This was a different type of scene as it was a party in the living area of this massive house. Here we worked more with Hunter Parrish as he served us clams in the a party scene. Again I worked with some really fun people! I don’t think I was involved in this scene as much because I had so much camera time in the previous shooting.

All in all it was a great experience and I made lots of new friends. I will surely let everyone I know when the movie comes out in 2014 sometime. I just accepted a general audition invite at Mike Lemon Casting. I did some acting 15 years ago mainly in theater but had to stop because of time and other priorities. Acting, media, theater, film and music have always been my passion so who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Cameraman Hell of a view Movie
Between Takes Hell of a View Movie
Between Takes
Milo Hell of a View Movie
Milo & Eileen


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