Challenge: Website Design & Development
Client: Philadelphia Retirement Alliance. The purpose of website in an informational tool to provide product information, articles of interest and testimonials. The site should provide an event booking system for various events. That event manager should be easy to update as well as other information on the site. Navigation should be easy to use for older generation.


  • Created a WordPress site with the feel of prosperity
  • Created slider with easy links to information and sign ups
  • Worked with staff to set up navigation
  • Created Event Management System that is updatable and is presents events in a fluid manner
  • Created complex forms to be delivered in understandable text
  • Advised & trained staff on usage of site management and site maintenance
  • Project Type: Website Redesign
  • Skills Needed: HTML, CSS, PHP, Wordpress, Photoshop
  • Date: December, 2014
  • Launch Project: