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Restarting the blog!

I think it is common professionals to neglect their portfolio or resume. I certainly have got caught up in the past few years on the pandemic, helping out in family situations, taking classes and doing many projects. In the meantime my reel is outdated and my blog has remained stannic. When I saw an opportunity for work and saw the neglect and found it disappointing and frustrating to show my skill set to reflect my current state.

If there is one thing I learned and that’s not to dwell on the past and simply look what I can do now. Someone smart once said “there are no victims just volunteers”. So let’s see what needs to be adjusted. Here is my list of priorities to bring me up to date:

  • Website refresh
  • Reel refresh
  • More Blogging
  • Update LinkinedIn
  • Update Behance
  • Update Portfolio

One thing I really want to focus on is blogging. I believe the blog will keep me accountable to my task and my focus. I enjoy doing many things including running, biking, history and playing the saxophone. My dream has always been to somehow incorporate all my loves into one package. Well this is what I am going to do here. I’d love to come look at this post a year from now and see lots of entries into this blog. More important to me is to see my own progress than be the blogger of the year.

If there are any eyes on this blog you will see lots of stuff about running, history, playing saxophone and of course motion graphics!

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