On the set of Philadelphia: The Great Experiment

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HistoryPhoto-1024x676I had another wonderful experience of working as an extra on the set of Philadelphia: The Great Experiment. I always meet good people with very interesting stories. I played in a scene as a Junto member along with Steve GuyrxSteve, and two other gentlemen, one played a young Ben Franklin. The director gave us all a topic to debate as we set around the table and argued our point of view. We had to be serious but is was difficult as we were all characters. We did get the scene done quickly and without too many takes and the director was very satisfied with the shot. I hope it wasn’t because lunch was ready! Neither the less it was a lot a fun and meet some more good people. The scene was about 25 seconds long. You can find episodes of Philadelphia: The great Experiment here:
It was the proud winner of 3 2013 Emmy Awards!!

Episode 8 promo – Philadelphia: The Great Experiment from 6abc Creative on Vimeo.

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