This was an exciting project for me. I have been interested in creating Explainer Videos for sometime. Since I’ve been updating my animation skills at the School of Motion, I’ve been catering my skills to make these types of videos. My next class specifically focuses on creating a Explainer Video.

The team at Equally Informed Philly gave me a rough storyboard and the characters for the project. I used assets collected from Adobe Stock and Freepik. The music was from Youtube Assets. The object of the project was to introduce a service to make it easy to get information about Philadelphia. The project was to be done in both English and Spanish.

Overall I was satisfied with the result of the project. I am hoping this is a springboard to more great projects like this.

  • Equally Informed Philly Explainer Video
  • Skills Needed: Animation, Storyboarding, After Effects, Illustrator
  • Customer: Resource Media
  • Project Year: February 2022
  • Website