Turning a Website/Blog into Something People will Pay Attention to

I am going to slowly build two websites. One will be BringingSaxyBack.com and MiddleAgedMadness.com. The purpose is analyze and discover if I can actually drive traffic to these sites and have them reach the goals that I will set today. Let’s Prepare the goals for each site:




Site Goals

  • Develop community of sax enthusiast
  • Place to find Saxophone Events
  • Tie Saxophone music style to a style of free and honest living
  • Teach Others to Play Sax
  • Interview other Sax Players
  • Merchandise Reviews
  • Sell Saxophone Merchandise on Site
  • Sell Saxophone Lessons

Personal Goals

  • Learn to play sax better
  • Learn to create better videos
  • Learn to do better motion graphics
  • Learn to use Youtube Channel to promote website
  • Design Magazine Style Site
  • Learn to Speak & Interview other Sax Players
  • Connect with other sax players


Site Goals

  • Create a blog and podcast that caters to Middle-aged men & woman
  • Promote Healthy Living through educational podcast
  • Develop a community of middle-aged people helping each other
  • Develop affiliate links of appropriate products
  • Interview Experts who could give advice on Middle Aged problems

Personal Goals

  • Create a podcasting Theme from Scratch
  • Improve my HTML, CSS, and PHP Skills
  • Learn to blog more regularly
  • Learn to use google analytics
  • Learn to use social media to promote site
  • Connect with other struggling Middle aged people
  • Have a space where I can voice my own personal struggles

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